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Community Building Coordinator for Haywood County

We seek a gregarious, compassionate individual to support community-building efforts in Waynesville. SeekHealing is a WNC non-profit that saves lives and prevents deaths of despair through intentional human connection. The SeekHealing center in downtown Waynesville exists to reduce mental health risks, support addiction recovery, and create a space for people from all walks of life to experience real connection with each other.

Job responsibilities for the Community Building Coordinator will be to keep the center open,  organize various social activities in the space in five-hour shifts three days a week, and to engage in networking with local businesses, non-profits, and mental health services for another five-hour shift one day per week. This  Coordinator position will collaborate closely with the Haywood County Community Engagement Lead, supported by SeekHealing’s broader leadership team and similar operations in Asheville, NC. 

This position has a defined workweek schedule of (20) hours (five hours each day Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) with no restrictions on paid time off pending approval from your Point of Accountability (POA). SeekHealing provides a unique workplace environment where we prioritize relationships over deadlines, and understand that your employment is a part of your healing process.

Background in community organizing as well as people who are native to the WNC region are preferred. Experience building community and/or Peer Support Specialist certification is preferred, but optional. Please submit your resume in complete confidence to melisa@seekhealing.org.


Host and create a sense of in-person community at SeekHealing, 116 Depot St, Waynesville, NC, and stimulate community building by: 

1) organizing various social and connection-oriented activities,

2) empowering participants for community organizing and service, and

3) engaging in Haywood County outreach through in-person networking and social media. 


Haywood County Community Engagement Lead: Greg Pitters


20hrs/week at $20/hr


  • Gregarious nature and/or extroverted social tendencies.
  • Personable & friendly, and self-motivated.
  • Strong verbal communication and active listening skills.
  • Organized with logistic awareness.
  • Excited to design social experiences.
  • Experienced in managing group activities and building community.
  • Excited to visit new places and establish new relationships.
  • Lives in Haywood County and/or originally from the WNC region.


Three days per week: host and hold space for community-building activities at SeekHealing in Waynesville in three five-hour shifts. (Monday/Thursday/Friday)

One day per week: in-person networking with local individuals, businesses, and community organizers; as well as participant support making Listening Line callbacks, having First Conversations, and inspiring social media interaction by creating content and engagement. (one five-hour shift on Wednesdays)

  • Attend SeekHealing meetings and complete the Listening Training course.
  • Create social experiences and engagement for participants through self- and community-directed activities.
  • Develop community service opportunities for participants.
  • Uphold SeekHealing ideologies by providing a welcoming, safe, and judgment-free zone. 
  • Set and hold boundaries as needed to maintain a peaceful, clean, safe environment in the SeekHealing facility.
  • Take care of the physical space: water plants and keep the area clean and organized.
  • Talk about SeekHealing and answer questions from people who drop in, or through networking interactions in the community.
  • Empower & train community organizers (volunteers) as needed for Listening Line (LL), First Conversations, and Space Owling.
  • Coordinate food delivery to the office (from local partners/donors).