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Connection Practice meetings, holistic wellness experiences, and substance-free social gatherings happen every day of the week in SeekHealing communities, in-person and online.

What is a Connection Practice meeting?
An alternative type of support meeting: for those recovering from trauma and/or addiction, as well as those who are not. No conversation topic is off limits, and we all show up to help each other heal. Every meeting is professionally facilitated to make space for everyone to feel really listened to, and for us all to get real with each other (including the facilitator!)

It's medicine you often don't even realize you need until you receive it.

Online Community events are listed in blue.
In-person events in Asheville, NC are listed in purple.
In-person events in Waynesville, NC are listed in green.

What does it cost?
All events are offered free of cost -- we appreciate your donation according to your capacity! Donations are vital to keeping events free and open in each community. You can make a donation when you arrive in-person or online here.

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