A mysterious looking barn owl with stars in its third eye.

Memorial Wall

May the radiance of their memory shine long past their lifetime, and may their names never be forgotten so long as they live on in our hearts and minds.

Levi Matthew Fulton
Remembered by The Fulton Family
"A kind and brilliant soul taken too soon. May the music he loved to create lift us up when we need it most. We love you always and forever, Levi."

Kristin 'Kiki' Hirsch
Remembered by Joey Moore

Melissa Sue Stumbaugh
Remembered by Jamie Willocks and PLF Troupe
"Shine on you crazy diamond!"

Artem Caravelli
Remembered by Irene Lieberman

Matthew Sayer
Remembered by Jennifer Nicolaisen

Stanton Anno
Remembered by Amy Fottrell
"Too much rock for one hand!"

Ben Zaslow
Remembered by Alice, Wilant, and Willem on behalf of the Zaslow family
"May he rest forever peacefully in the Blue Ridge Mountains."

Ron Luther
Remembered by Nan Luther, Sheree Cramer, Margaret Moore, Rita Jacobs, Bernadette Lafko-Miller, Ann Kelly, Barbara Reed, Roxanne West, Suzanne Dunlop, and the Richard Montgomery High School Rockets, Class of 1972

Dylan Picard
Remembered by Mary Picard
"Reading to him as a child"

Jason Edward Glenn
Remembered by Ann Strickland

Hannah Wilson
Remembered by Michael Kaiser

Adam Frankel
Remembered by Michael Kaiser

Michael Marro
remembered by Melissa Beach
"His Laugh"

Eric Dandy
Remembered by Pam Ellis-Phipps and Ellie Combs
Remembered by Evelyn Rhodes and Ellie Combs
Remembered by the Oxford House Chaney
"How gentle and sweet he was with little Nathan; his ability to stay in the present and make you feel like he wouldn't want to be anywhere else; the love he showed Ellie; and, how he never said "no" when I asked him to pose for a picture. He had an awesome smile that made you automatically smile with him. He was a kind person and he will be missed."

Stephen Edwards
Remembered by Jarred

Zachary Austin Kirkland
Remembered by Jacob Yerkes
"He liked to bring humor into people's lives including one time using a fart spray on a school bus."

Daniel Cottam
Remembered by Catherine Cottam
"Magnolia Trees"

Shaun Kay
Remembered by Sheri Kay
"The worst trumpet player in the whole world!"

Remembered by Katie
"G-Town, kids, Mikey, All of us. May we all find the self-love we need to go on without him."

Sam N.
Remembered by Katie
"All of them."

Kay Hemp
Remembered by Judy Depenau
"Kay singing cat themed Christmas carol parodies with my partner at a very happy Christmas gathering."