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How Seekhealing Protects Your Privacy

The first agreement in every SeekHealing event is confidentiality, and all of us take that really seriously.

Each seeker’s trust and safety are foundational to this community. The data we collect is only used to support you and the community: to connect you with other community members, to learn what is and isn’t working in the programming, and to show granting foundations that our programs really work.

SeekHealing will never share, sell, or make available to anybody outside of SeekHealing the personal information you give us. Ever.

All of our software was written in-house. It does not run any integrations with any social media platforms or corporate search engines. The database uses encrypted storage and encrypted transmission. Only Seek personnel have access to the database, and some trusted volunteers like Space Owls and Facilitators have the limited access they need. We rely on telecommunications services like Twilio and Mailgun to send text messages and emails as part of our normal program communications.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email info@seekhealing.org!