Give & receive support

The way into healing is through connection and community -- which we experience through giving and receiving.

If you're struggling in crisis or recovery, this program will connect you to support and empower you to give back.

If you came here to volunteer or support someone else, we'll talk more about what support you're here to receive from community, too.

Scroll down to sign up, start connecting, attend a meeting or training, or bring SeekHealing to a new community.

Get connected

We all need more meaningful connection in life. Whether you're trying to change a substance use pattern, want to volunteer, want to facilitate healing experiences for others, or just want to live a more connected life, you are welcome here.

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Join a Connection Practice Meeting

Anyone can join any meeting or training any time, free-of-charge (donations appreciated!)

Online and in-person available in select locations.

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Asheville, NC, USA

Welcome to SeekHealing's original home base in Asheville, NC! We can't wait to meet you :)
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Haywood County, NC, USA

Welcome to SeekHealing Waynesville SeekHealing's center in Haywood County is located in downtown Waynesville. We offer: sharing sessions, open drop-in hours and free community gatherings. Come join us!
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No local community near you? Join our online community to connect with seekers around the globe!
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SeekHealing's Listening Training course teaches the foundations of connection — how to better listen to yourself AND others.

Improve your communication and listening skills. Support loved ones who are struggling with mental health & addiction. Transform your own journey through recovery and healing trauma. Learn how to build a life full of rich, meaningful connection.

Start a new SeekHealing community.

If you are interested in bringing SeekHealing to a new community, we would love to meet you! Let us know what's on your mind below and we'll call or email you back to follow up.
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