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Welcome to SeekHealing's original home base in Asheville, NC! We can't wait to meet you :)
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Get connected

We all need more meaningful connection in life. Whether you're trying to change a substance use pattern, want to volunteer, want to facilitate healing experiences for others, or just want to live a more connected life, you are welcome here.

Fill out one of these forms, and someone from your community will call to schedule your "First Conversation."

Imani Ustawi
Programming Director & Community Connection Coordinator
Santosha Bouchard
Clubhouse Coordinator
Hilary Jacobs Hendel, DDS, LCSW
Trauma-informed Psychoanalyst, International Author, creator of The Change Triangle Tool for Emotional Health
Visit website >
Gabor Maté, MD
Physician, renowned expert on addiction and compassionate care, bestselling author, international speaker
Visit website >
Maureen McCarthy
Social Scientist and Co-Founder, Center for Collaborative Awareness
Visit website >
Alan Muskat
Author and educator specializing in nondualism, Nonviolent Communication, and hunter-gatherer culture
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Zelle Nelson
Social Scientist and Co-Founder, Center for Collaborative Awareness
Visit website >
Sara Ness
Founder and CEO of Authentic Revolution
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Mark Smith
Author, therapist, social work professor; background in trauma, attachment, group process, and narrative-based practice.
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Peter Strong, MD
Board-certified in addiction psychiatry, expert in Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). Former Medical Director of Hartford Dispensary, managing 13 clinics and 4000 patients.
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Andrew Weil, MD
Author of over a dozen books on alternative medicine, including several international bestsellers.
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Avrum G. Weiss, Ph.D
Psychotherapist, author, and teacher with more than 40 years of experience in relational psychology. Architect of experiential psychotherapy theory.
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Bill White
Emeritus Senior Research Consultant at Chestnut Health Systems, Former Board Chair of Recovery Communities United, and author or coauthor of 20 books and 400 papers on addiction.
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Rachel Wurzman, Ph.D
Director of Science
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Brian Swindell
Cam Payne
Ionsul Ferrin
Certification Program Coordinator
Jennifer Garrett
Jennifer Nicolaisen
Executive Director, Co-founder
Sammy Vanek
Michelle Kelly
Chief Healing Officer
Stuart Jeckel
Chief Operating Officer
Giles Carwyn
Imani Ustawi
Programming Director & Community Connection Coordinator
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Directions to SeekHealing

SeekHealing Center

The SeekHealing Center is located on the first floor of the United Way building in room 138. The building is located at 50 S. French Broad Ave (across from Pollen coffeeshop/where Hopey used to be located). You can park in any of the yellow visitor spots, or ask us for a parking pass to park in a white spot. (new paragraph) The front door is open during business hours on weekdays, and is locked on evenings and weekends. (bold face:) If you are coming to an event on an evening or over the weekend, there should be someone at the door to let you in. If there is not, please ring the doorbell marked “SeekHealing” and someone will come let you in!

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