Get trained

Our unique, interactive trainings teach the foundations of human connection and communication.

Whether you're looking to improve your listening and boundary-setting skills; support family members or friends who are struggling with mental health; or bring relational practices into your clinical work; our mission is to make these training opportunities as accessible as possible.

The best way to get started is with Listening Training I, which is offered on a sliding scale basis online and in-person. Register here.

Beyond this introduction, check out the other opportunities we offer for social health training below.

Facilitate human connection

SeekHealing’s Listening Training II is a master course in authentic leadership and human connection. It’s a powerful 3-month training to prepare you for holding group spaces that support all people, especially those healing from trauma and addiction. LTII teaches emergent community leaders how to show up in the world with dignity, humility, authenticity, and integrity, and to facilitate shared experiences of human connection.

Become a social health professional

We provide training 100 hour leadership training courses every year as well as ongoing certification events to support you earning your journey to becoming a Social Health Professional. Certification through this program is required in order to practice facilitation on behalf of SeekHealing or in an established SeekHealing Community

Bring a training to your community

Listening Training Pro
Listening Training for Clinical Professionals is 15-hour CE deep dive into the most foundational tool for authentic connection: listening. It’s about how to listen to both yourself and others with more presence and compassion. It teaches a relational practice for maximizing your self-care, so that you can offer more effective care to your clients.
Corporate Team & Small Businesses
Miscommunications between managers and employees lead to lost time and lost money. Listening skills can change the game for your team.

This cutting-edge team-building and communication training will revolutionize your workplace culture, supporting talent retention and burn-out prevention.
Youth Connection
Through our practices, youth connect with one another in a safe, non-judgemental space and learn listening, empathy, and communication skills. Our program is based on four years of work with adults and research in adolescent development. We collect data on our programs and are committed to continuous improvement.

Youth connection practices are for adolescents aged 14 to 21.
Caregiver Connection
Caregiver Connection is for parents, teachers, and others who have regular contact with adolescents.

We offer a six-week training that simultaneously builds community and develops healthy communication skills for those working with adolescents. Our training is based on research and three years of experience offering similar training.