Connection Practice & Incubators

A different type of recovery meeting that’s non-abstinence based. CP meetings are a place to practice non-judgmental listening and connecting with others.

No conversation topic is off limits. The only objective of the meeting is to feel a genuine sense of connection by the time it's over, and the only rule is that we promise to not give each other advice. We all need places to get real and connect in this way for our own healing and recovery.

Program structure:

Regular holistic wellness services i.e., acupuncture, bodywork, trauma counseling, nutritional coaching, etc
Weekly peer support pairings
1:1 accountability and empowerment sessions
Support building new friendships
Harm reduction services

Access to:

Connection Practice:
alternative recovery meetings.

Listening Training:
healing retreat & 16hr communication course.

Socials & parties:
fun without judgment, cliques or substances.

Connection Missions:
give back to others and/or receive practical support when you need it most.

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Training modules

Rethinking Addiction and Mental Health
Exploration of mental health challenges and addiction as symptoms of disconnection in/from society.
Breaking Down Shame
Learning to minimize shame and stigma; the #1 factor preventing meaningful connection and healing from trauma.
Personal Harm Reduction
Creating and implementing healthy risk-management strategies. Learning and utilizing a model for creating a personal harm reduction plan, for both substance-related and process addictions.
Setting Compassionate Boundaries
Viewing boundaries as bridges; honest communication about what’s okay and not okay for the purpose of deepening connection and trust in relationships.
Holding Space for Difficult Emotional Experiences
How to navigate challenging situations with friends and family, including return to use and suicidal ideation.
Taking Your Connection Practice into the World
Practical exploration of how to take your listening practice into the world, into relationships with friends & family, and/or into your longterm recovery journey.

Listening Training Dates

Asheville, NC

In-person, two-day retreats.

10 am - 7 pm each day

  • Jan. 13-14
  • Mar. 9-10
  • July 13-14
  • Nov. 9-10

Waynesville, NC

In-person, two-day retreats.

10 am - 7 pm each day

  • Feb. 17-18
  • April 20-21
  • June 22-23
  • Aug. 10-11
  • Oct. 12-13
  • Dec. 7-8


6-week class, 2hrs every Thursday.

  • Wednesdays at 6:30ET Jan 11th- Feb15th
  • Wednesdays at 6:30-8:30pm ET Feb. 21 - Mar. 27

Register for Listening Training

"Since the day I completed Listening Training, I have seen my depression symptoms decrease dramatically for the first time in my life."

SeekHealing Participant
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WNC Listening Line

The WNC Listening Line provides non-crisis emotional support between community members.
Call or text any time to connect with another seeker or Peer in Western North Carolina.

(828) 547‑4547